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Basics of Financial Market

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About Course

This course covers everything from the basic principles of financial markets to the different types of instruments available for investment. You’ll learn about different types of assets and securities, the role of financial intermediaries, and the importance of regulation in protecting investors.

What Will You Learn?

  • Gain the Ability to Analyse the Market at every Stage and Make Profit by Trading or Investing
  • Use these Skills in any Stock, commodities, Index, Forex, Cryptocurrency etc
  • Understand and Use all the Most Practical Indicators and Oscillators
  • Make Maximum Profit at Minimum Risk
  • Trade any Stock with a step by step approach
  • 4 Assignments with fully explained video lectures

Course Content

What is financial market? What is equity shares? What is debentures?

  • Introduction

Why investment?
Why Investment and types of investment? What care should one take while investing? When to start Investing? Why should one invest?

All about interest rate
What is meant by Interest? What factors determine interest rates? Introduction to Capital gain

Various investment options
What are various options available for investment? D/B Short-term financial options & Long-term financial options

Stock exchange & index
What is meant by a Stock Exchange? What is NSE & BSE ? What is market capitalization? What is Nifty 50?

What is a Depository? Flow chart of Depository Types of depository D/B Bank account & Demat account

What is Dematerialization? How market works before dematerialization? What is Rematerialization?

Securities & exchange board of India
What is SEBI & its role? What are the functions of SEBI?

Securities market participants
Who are the participants in the securities market? And how it works? What is public issue? Process how depository and participants works

Segments of Securities market
Types of Securities market What is primary market? What is secondary market?

Primary Market
Face value of shares What is Issue price& its different types.

Public Issue
Methods of public issue and how it works? What is price band? What is RTA What is price discovery method?

What is a bridge prospectus? Different types of prospectus.

Lock In Period
What is lock in period? Listing agreement Delisting of securities

American Depository Receipt
What is American Depository Reciept & how it works?

Secondary Market & Live Training
Live trading module Introduction to terminal and its functions How to execute orders

Basics of Derivatives
What is derivatives with examples

Mutual Fund Basic
What is mutual fund? Different Methods for Investment in Mutual funds Who manage our funds in mutual fund and how?

Net Asset Value
Explanation of NAV. How to calculate NAV?

Types of Mutual Funds
Different types of Mutual Funds Open ended fund Close ended fund

Corporate Action Part 1
Explanation of Corporate Action Brief explanation of Dividend. All About Bonus share and Stock Split. Difference between bonus share and stock split and how it works.

Corporate Action Part 2
Brief explanation about buy back. Why Company Buyback shares? How Buy Back Works.

Corporate Action Part 3
Explanation About Clearing Corporation. How clearing corporation work. What is Payin and payout and how it works.

Time Value of Money
Explanation of Simple Interest. Explanation of Compound Interest. Introduction of time value of money.

How to Analyze a Company
Basic introduction of how analyze a company. Explanation of Industry in financial market and its role. Explanation of Corporate in financial market and its role. Brief explanation about financials and how it works.

Current Ratio
Understand the Concept of Current Ratio. Formula of Current Ratio.

Inventory Turnover Ratio
Understand the Concept of inventory turnover ratio. Formula of Average Inventory Ratio. Formula of Inventory Turnover Ratio.

Receivable Turnover
Formula of Average receivable. Formula of Receivable turnover. What number of receivable turnover is good for a company?

Debt/Equity Ratio
Explanation of Debt/Equity Ratio Formula of Debt/ Equity Ratio. What Debt/Equity Ratio is good for a company.

Interest Coverage Ratio
Explanation of Interest Coverage Ratio How it works How we can use interest coverage ration while choosing a company.

Net Profit Margin
How to Calculate Net Profit Margin? What are the expenses while calculating Net profit margin? How to calculate profit before tax?

Return on Asset
Formula of Return on Asset Formula of Total Average Asset How return on asset work while reading a company

Return on Capital Employed
Explanation of ROCE How ROCE works Example how to calculate ROCE.

Return on Equity
How Return on Equity Work Importance of ROE while checking a company

Price to Earning Ratio
Formula of P/E Ratio Formula of EPS Importance of P/E Ratio How P/E Ratio works.

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4 months ago
Great course!!!
4 months ago
Found it very informative.
4 months ago
It's a good setup. It helps for all asset class it gives once a process to trade in all asset class. your explanation is excellent and the trading setup is truly unique ,which I greatly appreciate. Thank you for this opportunity, sir.
4 months ago
Found it really helpful
4 months ago
Great course
4 months ago
This course was really helpful for me to start with the basics
4 months ago
I found the course extremely helpful in starting my journey in stock market
4 months ago
It's a great course if you are a beginner in stock market.
4 months ago
This is the best course if you want to learn basics of stock market.